The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King Reviews Are Not Looking So Good

Probably one of the most anticipated films of the year is releasing next week Friday, 19 July 2019. Disney’s The Lion King is yet another live-action adaption of the classic 1994 animation that stole our hearts and made us ball our eyes out as kids.

While the hype for the film has been great, the reviews have been slowly rolling out and they are not looking too great. Last night the embargo for Disney’s The Lion King dropped which means anyone can now say anything about the film.

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As of now, the film is ranking pretty average around the globe with 59% on Rotten Tomatoes and 57% on Metacritic. 

Many critics have been praising the film’s visual fidelity saying it is a “landmark visual experience” and a “tech demo of note”. Apart from the visuals, there is very little going for it.

IndieWire’s David Ehrlich called the film a “soulless chimera of a film [that] comes off as little more than a glorified tech demo from a greedy conglomerate — a well-rendered but creatively bankrupt self-portrait of a movie studio eating its own tail.”

Many critics are bashing the film for the lack of imagination and claim Disney is doing very little to reinvent itself this year. The main issue many critics are having is the dead and stiff characters that fail to bring to life the world we all know.

A clip published online proves this could be an issue as the animals hop around but no emotion is shown at all.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”@eliyudin” link=”” color=”#00C1BF” class=”” size=”19″]Why would anyone want the character, human touch, and charm of 2d animation when you could look into a visually accurate warthog’s black, dead eyes as it sings you a song telling you not to be worried[/perfectpullquote]

Scott Mendelson from Forbes has warned moviegoers to prepare for a “crushing disappointment” – ouch.

But regardless of the reviews, Disney’s The Lion King will no doubt do very well and bring in a bucket load of money. If you are expecting a magical and musical experience then maybe drop your standards as it clearly misses the mark there.

We will be watching the film early next week and will share some thoughts on it as soon as possible.

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