DisplayPort 2.0 Revealed – 4K 144Hz and 8K PC Monitor Support Included
DisplayPort 2.0
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VESA has unveiled its biggest update to its DisplayPort PC display standard in over 10 years. The new DisplayPort 2.0 changes everything and will pave the way forward for PC gaming hardware for years to come.

The new DisplayPort 2.0 comes with a load of new improvements including boosting 4K monitors beyond the 60Hz panels. The new monitors that will come with DisplayPort 2.0 are expected to ship in 2020.

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This now includes bandwidth support for 8K displays and beyond and a new 80Gbps speed which is three times DisplayPort 1.4. This means you will be able to run games at 4K 144Hz with HDR or two 8K displays at 120Hz with HDR.

DisplayPort 2.0 Support

  • One 16K (15360×8460) display @60Hz and 30 bpp 4:4:4 HDR (with DSC)
  • One 10K (10240×4320) display @60Hz and 24 bpp 4:4:4 (no compression)
  • Dual display resolutions:
  • Two 8K (7680×4320) displays @120Hz and 30 bpp 4:4:4 HDR (with DSC)
  • Two 4K (3840×2160) displays @144Hz and 24 bpp 4:4:4 (no compression)
  • Triple display resolutions:
  • Three 10K (10240×4320) displays @60Hz and 30 bpp 4:4:4 HDR (with DSC)
  • Three 4K (3840×2160) displays @90Hz and 30 bpp 4:4:4 HDR (no compression)

It will all be about cables and VESA will be delivering the new DisplayPort 2.0 through the traditional DisplayPort connector and even through USB-C. The company will also be adding support for Thunderbolt 3 to pass through these specs.

The new DisplayPort will go head to head against HDMI 2.1 that while not as fast and powerful as DisplayPort, still packs 4K 120Hz support and 8K 60FPS support.

VESA expects the new monitors to begin shipping in late 2020. With next-gen consoles and hardware on the horizon, the new display standards will push visuals to the next level and allow for more power and bandwidth to be processed across the industry. Still, HDMI 2.1 will most likely be the standard for many games due to it being more readily available.






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