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Documentary ‘A Fight To The Top’ Spotlights Local Fighting Game Community

The Ultimate Gaming Championships (UGCZA) has released the first episode of a new documentary series that focuses on the local fighting game community and their rise to become some of the most well-known competitors in the Tekken 7 scene, achieving impressive feats both locally and internationally.

Episode 1 of A Fight To The Top mainly explores the personal and professional lives and processes of two local fighting game players: Iggy and Jazcat. The documentary also goes into the inner workings of UGCZA and Goliath Gaming as they bring initiatives to light for aspiring players looking to get into Tekken 7, the local scene and fighting games in general. It’s a well-produced, heartwarming look into what it takes to make a name in the local fighting game community and where others can join in.

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The description provided under the documentary by UGCZA reads:

“In 2021 we did a documentary that follows the growth of esports locally within the last 3 years with a focus on our incredibly talented players who are determined to be recognized internationally in the world of Tekken. We will take a close look into the back stories and lives of two of our players, namely, the Hero, Iggy, and Jazcat, the Underdog. We will also take a look at the structures in place, such as UGC and Goliath Gaming, to aid aspiring players. We will take a look at what goes into maintaining and growing the scene through a tournament organiser, Junayd Bradlow.”

Episode 1 features a “strong focus on the last 3 years where we have seen a surge in the gaming scene with certain players rising to the top and making waves locally,” continues the description. “This episode will include the backstories of how these players are determined to set a new pace and become internationally recognized in the world of TEKKEN.”

You can watch the full first episode below:

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