Does DC’s Birds of Prey Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Birds of Prey PostCredit Scene
Does DC’s Birds of Prey Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Birds of Prey opens in South Africa today and if you are watching the film then you will probably want to know if you should stay behind in the cinema and wait for the credits to roll or grab your leftover popcorn and make a dash for the toilet as soon as the movie ends. Does Birds of Prey have a post-credits scene?

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This post does not contain movie spoilers but if you want to be surprised at the end of the credits then read no further. 

Well, no. Birds of Prey does not have a post-credits scene but there is a little Harley Quinn teaser right at the end if you do stick around and watch the credits roll. It kind of plays out like the original Deadpool post-credit scene where Harley Quinn appears and pokes fun at everyone that stayed around. Even though she makes fun of the audience she offers to share a secret about Batman. She starts with “Did you know that Batman..” before the audio cuts and leaves audience members sitting in the dark.

This sort of Birds of Prey post-credits scene is quite typical of the series. The light-hearted comedy fits in perfectly with the teaser at the end. At least you now know that if your bladder is about to burst, you are not missing anything at all so you can run and empty that giant grape slush you drank.

Birds of Prey opens today in South African cinemas. Unfortunately, we were not able to watch the film so we can’t share an early review with you. However, early screenings have revealed the film is quite a show with some high-octane action and fantastic comedy. Watch the latest trailer down below;

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