Domino’s Pizza Pokes Fun at Diablo Immortal’s Reveal in the Best Way
Diablo Immortal
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We don’t need to remind everyone what a disaster the Diablo Immortal reveal was but, in short, Blizzard did not reveal Diablo 4 at BlizzCon a few weeks ago, rather a mobile game. The world went crazy, the reveal trailers are the most disliked videos of the year on YouTube and Blizzard fans may never trust them ever again.

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But it was just a matter of time before brands started poking fun at Blizzard and Domino’s has now set the bar. The popular fast food pizza outlet went to town on their Malaysian Facebook page with a hilarious “This is not an out-of-season April Fool’s Joke” advertising a Treasure Chest reward when customers buy pizza.

Dominos Diablo Immortal

It gets even better. Their Facebook description for the image is everything you need to brighten your day.

No diabolical plans here, we just want to level up your gaming experience! Immortalize your characters with our Treasure Chest Items when you get pizzas from Domino’s! Order here to claim your items quick before DIA BLOW away by a blizzard]

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Of course, the top comment on the thread is obviously “DONT YOU GUYS HAVE PHONES?!”. The infamous line Blizzard said after someone stood up and asked whether or not the game would ever make it to PC. But the image on the post says it all. The guy in the red shirt standing next to a microphone represents that famous moment at BlizzCon 2018 where a fan stood up to ask whether or not Diablo Immortal was an out-of-season April Fool’s joke. The whole thing is just pure gold.

We touched on why you have every right to be pissed about Diablo Immortal. Check it out here.






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