For months now rumours have been circling online about a possible Xbox and SEGA partnership that would see the two companies merge to tackle the gaming market in China. Rumours went so out of control that people even believed that Microsoft was looking to purchase SEGA as one of its subsidiaries.

SEGA has now officially cleared the air as to what this new partnership means for both Microsoft and its fans. In short, the partnership is nothing remotely close to what people hoped for. In fact, SEGA says that the company isn’t even working on any Xbox exclusives under the new agreement. According to SEGA, the partnership is a new deal that will see SEGA develop large-scale, global games in a next-generation development environment for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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SEGA says that these games are third-party, cross-platform experiences. One of which is a project SEGA is calling “Super Game”. This so-called “Super Game” is an online-only cross-platform game that relies on Microsoft’s Azure service to function. The partnership will see SEGA utilize the online platform while also providing technical support to players once the game is released.

Companies partnering with Microsoft on cloud server technology is nothing new. Microsoft and Sony even signed a deal back in 2019 that would see the companies partner up to work on games that lean on the Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Be this with gam streaming or entertainment streaming services. This new SEGA and Microsoft partnership is the same story.

In the end, SEGA (and other companies) need servers and cloud-based tech. Microsoft has this platform available and is ready to contract it out. It doesn’t mean the company is purchasing every company that works with them.

As for this new SEGA Super Game, the company says it is a long-term project aimed at creating a “major global title” that focuses on “online, community” and “IP utilization”.

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