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Dontnod Rebrands as Don’t Nod, Confirms 6 Internal Games in the Works

Life is Strange and Vampyr developer Dontnod Entertainment has now officially rebranded to Don’t Nod, the company announced yesterday as part of the studio turning 14 years old. Don’t Nod also confirmed that it currently has six internally-developed games in the works, though stopped short of mentioning what they were.

As part of its rebranding, Don’t Nod released a short video showing off a new studio logo in various styles, though some speculate that it could be a teaser for all the games it’s working on. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that the logo changes a total of seven times, so if each styling matches a game that the studio is currently working on, a seventh could potentially be with another publisher.

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Don’t Nod released a statement regarding its rebranding, stating:

“Don’t Nod (previously known as Dontnod Entertainment) is celebrating our 14th year of creating meaningful narrative games. The company has evolved consistently since the beginning, and so we’ve undergone a visual rebranding as part of our evolution to better reflect who we are as a company today.

The company has undergone huge changes in recent years, namely the addition of our Montreal studio and our expansion into games publishing, which brings us to around 320 talents in France and Montreal that benefit from our innovative FROG (Fully Remote Organization) scheme. Dontnodians are all working in several human-sized teams and on six exciting upcoming internal projects! We self-publish most of our games, as well as those of other developers, by offering our support in bringing their creations to life.”

Fans have already begun putting together the logo styles’ various hints, with one likely hinting at a potential sci-fi project in the works. Others could be pointing to a Vampyr sequel or more Life is Strange, but none of this has been confirmed yet.

Check out the teaser trailer below and see what you can pick up.

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