PC users are reporting some nasty issues with DOOM Eternal after a Denuvo update during the weekend. The game was recently updated to require Denuvo for both single-player and multiplayer. Since the update, users are suffering from a near-unplayable build of the game.

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Over on Reddit, users are complaining about performance issues during the single-player campaign. Constant crashing, stuttering and screen tearing despite having G-Sync enabled. Other users are taking to Steam reviews to complain about the situation too.

“Constant, massive stuttering, Horrendous screen tearing despite having G-Sync, Locks my 120Hz display at 60Hz, both in-game and on the Windows desktop.”

Bethesda took to Twitter to let DOOM Eternal players know the issues were resolved. However, they were far from fixed. The studio is now investigating reports of crashes and performance issues on the game. As for Denuvo, they claim the update, like their software, should not have caused problems with the game;

“The team is working on allowing DOOM: Eternal to be launched for singleplayer offline play without requiring the installation of Denuvo Anti-Cheat. Our motivation is to support users of Valve’s Proton and gamers playing on platforms without administrative access to their machines, such as at work or school. This feature would also be an excellent tool for putting rumours to rest that Denuvo Anti-Cheat has any measurable, let alone perceivable, performance impact via A/B benchmarking.”

At the time of this article, the issues have yet to be fixed. We just have to wait for Bethesda to sort the problem out and roll out an update for the game.

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