This Incredible DOOM Eternal Cat Warrior Claymation Will Make Your Day
DOOM Eternal Claycat Claymation
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DOOM Eternal is out this Friday, 20 March 2020 and we will have our review ready for the game later today but in the meantime, we need to show you this epic claymation trailer that a fan put together. YouTuber Lee Hardcastle released a new Claycat’s Doom Eternal video that is three-minutes of awesomeness.

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The video features clay versions of DOOM enemies including the Imp, Cacodemon, Baron of Hell and more. The video sees the Doom Guy as Claycat, an adorable feline that goes on a killing spree after the Baron of Hell attempt to eat a rabbit during a peaceful picnic. Things turn south and the Claycat DOOM Eternal video gets very red very quickly as the cat starts pumping led into all the enemies around him.

Much of the trailer showcases the iconic game’s moments including the first time DOOM Guys puts his helmet on and even manages to capture the high-octane action from the latest games in the series. Lee Hardcastle manages to bring the crazy world of DOOM along with al the blood and gore to life in a claymation approach and the sheer attention to detail have to be appreciated by the community. The art form is incredibly hard to work with which makes the whole video so much more impressive.

If anything, I want to watch a whole movie with Claycat after seeing this video. Take a few minutes to enjoy the Claycat DOOM Eternal video down below;

DOOM Eternal is out on 20 March 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC with a Switch release in the works for later this year. Stay tuned for more content this week as we lead up to the game’s release date.






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