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DOOM Eternal Fans Want Justice for Composer Mick Gordon

Earlier this week, DOOM Eternal composer Mick Gordon released a lengthy statement revealing the truth behind his conflict with developer id Software and its director, Marty Stratton, while working on the game. Allegations from unpaid work and abuse to crunch and defamation all surfaced, pinning Stratton as the culprit behind Gordon’s reputation being damaged in the industry. Fans are now demanding “Justice for Mick” following these revelations.

At the time of writing, several Reddit threads over on the r/Doom subreddit all have “Justice for Mick” thread titles, each with thousands of upvotes. One thread with over 3000 upvotes asks that Gordon receive the awards that DOOM Eternal won for its soundtrack, which has apparently been locked away in id Software’s office.

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In his statement, Gordon revealed that he was never personally asked to accept awards. Instead, Stratton went on his behalf to collect them:

“I was invited to perform at the Game Awards, but other than that, Id Software never invited me to collect awards in person. Marty invited himself to collect the awards on my behalf instead. It would mean a lot to have a memento of all the hard work I poured into the DOOM franchise, but as it currently stands, I doubt I’ll ever see those awards again.”

Stratton declining Gordon his moment to receive an award that he rightfully earned and instead inviting himself to claim it on his behalf, then locking the award away in id Software’s office, shows the remarkable lack of respect that Stratton had for the composer. Gordon detailed all of this in the full statement which we covered yesterday. Read more about the situation here.

Bethesda, id Software and Stratton have yet to comment on these allegations, but we’ll surely hear from them soon.

DOOM Eternal is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC with free upgrades to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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