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DOOM Eternal Multiplayer Won’t Feature Traditional Mode, Battlemode is Primary Focus

When Bethesda showcased DOOM Eternal and revealed the game’s release date as 22 November 2019, I was hyped. Marco had some hands-on time with the game at E3 2019 as well, slaying countless demons in what he called more arcade than ever, which sounds like a good thing with all the awesome DOOM gameplay we expect. But what about DOOM Eternal multiplayer?

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During the release date announcement, Bethesda also showcased a new mode called Battlemode, where one player controls the DOOM Slayer, while two other players control two demons. This asymmetrical multiplayer mode does sound like a whole lot of fun, but as a fan of id Software titles and especially their esports, one-on-one deathmatch mode, I am a bit concerned about the DOOM Eternal multiplayer.

In an IGN interview with the game’s executive producer, Marty Stratton, it was revealed that DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer won’t have the traditional multiplayer mode and that the team’s primary focus is on Battlemode. Mr Stratton explained that:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33ffe9″ class=”” size=”22″]No traditional multiplayer mode. Battlemode is our primary multiplayer mode. The cool thing about it is it’s ripped straight from Doom; it’s the combat players want and love, you’re familiar with the gameplay, playing as a Slayer.[/perfectpullquote]

The Quake franchise and to a lesser extent, the DOOM franchise, have delivered some of the best deathmatch experiences ever, so DOOM Eternal multiplayer not focusing on this iconic mode isn’t great news for fans, in my opinion. The interview further revealed that the developer is open to cross-platform play and that the team is open to the idea.

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What do you think about the developer’s plans for DOOM Eternal multiplayer? Let us know in the comment section and check out the Battlemode trailer below if you haven’t already.

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