The DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 teaser trailer has leaked ahead of its official reveal later this week. The trailer initially appeared in Bethesda’s IT channel where the company accidently uploaded the footage before the correct date.

It goes without saying that the DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 teaser trailer contains possible spoilers which users should avoid watching if they want to go into the upcoming content blind.

UPDATE – Bethesda has confirmed the 18 March release for DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 with a full trailer. Find out more here.


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You can watch the trailer by visiting this link here (Streamable) or watch it down below (if it is still available).

Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Pt. Teaser 2 Leak

According to a recently leaked web page for DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2, the DLC will take players to a whole new area, include new weapons, enemies, bosses and so much more. The content acts as the “climatic” conclusion to the Doom Slayer’s Saga. Last week, a so-called “insider” claimed that the content is set to launch on 18 March 2021.  The official description reads:


Experience the epic conclusion to the DOOM Slayer’s saga. From the moment you were activated by Samuel Hayden at the UAC facility on Mars to the destruction of the Icon of Sin, all your battles have led to this. Prepare to siege Immora, the last bastion of the dark realm, challenge the Dark Lord in combat, and seal the demons within Hell for good.


From the ruins of ancient Sentinel settlements and the cosmic wonders of the World Spear, to a devastated and overgrown city on Earth hiding a mysterious gateway, face Hell’s armies in never-before-seen locations as you fight your way to Immora, the last bastion of the Dark Lord protected by towering walls and powered by advanced technology.


Face new, deadly variants of demons. The Armored Baron wears special armour and uses a charged fist attack. The Stone Imp possesses a nearly impenetrable hide and prefers close combat. The Screeches is a zombie that empowers nearby demons when killed. The Cursed Prowler is a mutation with venomous, cursed claws. Exploit their weaknesses to destroy them.


Deliver more destruction with the Sentinel Hammer, an ancient weapon capable of stopping any demons caught within its shockwave. Use it to stun demons or combine it with the Ice Bomb or Flame Belch to extract much-needed health or armour.

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