Doom Eternal launches on 20 March 2020 and id Software has revealed a handful of the game’s cosmetics in a new short trailer. The footage shows Doom Guy changing into a range of costumes including a fiery one, classic, camo and more. However, the best one of all is a Doom Eternal cosmetic unicorn skin that has changed life as we know it for the better. The abomination is pink, has wings and switches out Doom Guy’s arm blade for a wand. All we need to know is whether or not it will bleed rainbows because if it does, we will die happy.

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Unfortunately, the Doom Eternal unicorn skin is only available through Twitch Prime and for members who opt to connect their account to their Twitch account. The offer will be valid from 20 March to 21 April 2020. The cosmetic comes with the skin an included “Clip Clop Stance” animation for multiplayer and a “Magic Meadow base podium”.

The podium will act as an armour stand in-game where players will be able to admire their pink Doom Eternal unicorn cosmetic skin while in their personal quarters.

The trailer also tries to sell us on the idea that the game will have other cosmetics but right now, we just need this unicorn in our lives. There is no word yet whether or not the cosmetic will be available at a later date without a Twitch Prime membership but we do hope so.

DOOM Eternal launches on 20 March 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. id Software is also currently working on a Nintendo Switch port but the release date has yet to be announced. Stay tuned next week for a load of coverage going up surrounding the game. Check out the trailer down below;

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