Doom is Now Playable… On a Pregnancy Test
"What a strange thing to play Doom on?"

Someone decided to take the phrase “will it run Doom” to a whole new level. Programmer Foone shared an update on his programmable Doom pregnancy test and guess what? It now plays the game.

Foone has been working on programming a pregnancy test for a while already. According to his Twitter account, he already managed to get a few things loaded onto the device. This includes Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and the Dancing Stick bug. However, the biggest triumph now comes from his ability to load DOOM onto the device.


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Keep in mind that Foone did not use the original pregnancy test’s display. It would be impossible to work with that seen as it is not electronic. Instead, he replaced the original display panel with a 128×32 pixel monochrome panel. Yes, 128×32 pixels. That is a tiny display if we ever saw one.

Foone first managed to get a video of the game running on the test and then he updated his Twitter with what he calls “Pregnancy Test Doom”.

While playing Doom on a pregnancy test is not the most ideal way to experience it (I would prefer a microwave display to keep me busy while I wait for my popcorn to pop) it is still pretty impressive. People will do anything to make something cool these days.

Here’s a video of the Rick Astley song. You can just hum the music to make it real.

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