DOOM The Dark Ages Reimagined Combat Saw Shield

DOOM: The Dark Ages Dev Teases ‘Reimagined’ Combat and The Saw Shield

One of the big announcements during last weekend’s Xbox Games Showcase was DOOM: The Dark Ages, the follow-up to 2020’s DOOM Eternal. The reveal trailer showcased a dark medieval setting and some new weapons including the incredible Saw Shield. Developer id Software has elaborated on how new and old players will get to experience a “reimagined” combat system with The Dark Ages but still make it feel like a return to form for the franchise.

Speaking to Games Radar in a recent interview, DOOM: The Dark Ages creative director Hugo Martin discussed the game’s overhauled combat system and how new mechanics aim to change up the formula a bit, be it through an arsenal of new weapons or the flow of combat which, with the Saw Shield, seems to place an emphasis on defence for once in the series.

“At the start of every development cycle, I play the original Doom again, and have the team play it too,” said Martin. “I realised that we still didn’t hit the mark.” He continued:

“I noticed right away how slow those projectiles move – it just dawned on me that that is the maze. The movement is more horizontal as you weave your way between the projectiles, and every projectile mattered in the original Doom. We couldn’t go any higher in the air than Doom Eternal. That was a great experience, but we want each game to stand on its own.”

Martin also talked about the game’s reimagined combat system and how it aims to appeal to die-hard fans of the original game:

“If you were an F22 fighter jet in Doom Eternal, this time around we wanted you to feel like an Abrams tank. It means you’re more powerful and grounded. The combat system for new players – those who only got into Doom with the reboot – I think with The Dark Ages they are going to feel like this is a reimagined combat system. But for long-time fans of the series, people who played the original Doom, you’ll see it’s really a return to form.”

It seems like the objective was to make the Doom Slayer really feel ‘heavy’, according to Martin. “You’re heavier, more powerful, and grounded. We’re making strafing-to-aim a thing again. You’ll be weaving between projectiles, just like you did in the original Doom, to deliver that Super Shotgun blast to the chest… It almost creates this three-dimensional ‘shoot ’em up’ puzzle that you’re weaving your way through.”

Finally, there’s the Saw Shield, the latest innovation coming to DOOM: The Dark Ages. Part-shield, part-chainsaw, the shield has both defensive and offensive capabilities. Players can use it to block incoming enemy attacks or fling it around like Captain America’s shield as it slices through enemies. Martin explains:

“You will have that shield in your hand at all times – you’re basically dual-wielding. I want players to feel like Aragorn, or Leonidas at the hot gates of 300. You’re the hero of a massive battle in an FPS, in a Doom game no less. It just felt like it would be a really fun challenge for the team to take on, and I think we delivered it.”

DOOM: The Dark Ages arrives in 2025 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. In case you missed it, check out the awesome reveal trailer below.

Source: Games Radar

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