In a move that probably isn’t all that surprising, the legendary Dota 2 carry player, Ana, returns to OG. The International 2018 champions have been struggling in the current DPC season after Ana took an extended break. Earlier this week, OG bid farewell to the player who temporarily replaced Ana, Igor “iLTW” Filatov. With the return of Anathan “Ana” Pham, dare I say “repeat TI champions confirmed” or is it a bit too early?

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In any case, OG recently thanked iLTW and explained that the team parted ways with the Russian player:

We announce today that Igor “iLTW” Filatov will no longer be part of the roster. Igor has been an amazing player to work with, he’s been as professional as one could expect, and his potential is obvious. However, the DPC season puts a team on a timer and we unfortunately had to come to the decision to part ways with him, as we are still not meeting the results we aim at.

Just one day after the announcement of OG parting ways with iLTW, a glorious Tweet by the Dota 2 esports team revealed that Ana returns to OG and as a big fan of the team, I simply cannot be happier.

OG is sitting at a very low position on the DPC log currently, in 27th place with only 48 points so far. An estimated 4950 DPC points are needed to get a direct invite to The International 2018 but if anyone can lift up the team, it is surely Ana.

What do you make of the Ana returning to OG and do you think that they will have a fighting chance to qualify for The International 2019 and maybe even win some tournaments now that Ana is back in action? Let us know in the comment section below.


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