Dota 2 Battle Pass and Treasure Bundle Has Arrived
Dota 2 Battle Pass
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For someone who’s been waiting to upgrade their Dota 2 Battle Pass with more levels, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Once a year, before The International, Valve releases a weekend sale on a Battle Pass and Treasure bundle that gives Battle Pass owners the opportunity to grab more treasure and levels for less and it has finally arrived.

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Personally, I’m at level 436 right now and would love to get to my third Aegis of Champions replica, but it is very expensive. With the Dota 2 Battle Pass, this is the perfect time to do so. The Dota 2 Battle Pass and Treasure bundle will set you back R429 and with it, you get the following:

  • 120 Battle Pass levels
  • 9 Immortal Treasure I’s
  • 6 Immortal Treasure II’s
  • 3 Immortal Treasure III’s

That’s an excellent deal since it costs you R572 just to purchase 96 Battle Pass levels normally. Then, you also get a total of 18 treasures. However, both Immortal Treasure II and Immortal Treasure III is yet to be released but we will just have to wait a little longer for them.

You only have until 1 July to grab this deal and it is limited to one per customer. Further, you obviously need to be a Battle Pass owner to get this bundle in the first place. Even though this bundle released late last night, the prize pool for The International 2019 has already shot up by over $1 million (at the time of writing) and is climbing fast.

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Will you be grabbing the Battle Pass and Treasure bundle and what level is your Battle Pass right now? Let us know in the comment section below.






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