Dota 2 Battle Pass Owners Can Now Claim 10 Levels For The $30 Million Milestone
Dota 2 Battle Pass fantasy challenge points
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Over the weekend, The International 2019’s prize pool reached that magnificent $30 million prize pool milestone. Now, two days later, Valve has finally acknowledged this amazing achievement that made esports history. Dota 2 Battle Pass owners were promised 10,000 Battle Points which translates to 10 levels and after a small update (less than 100mb) in the early hours of the morning, you can now claim those 10 levels in the game.

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Personally, I am a bit disappointed in Valve. The developer has made a whole lot of money from the Battle Pass and related purchases, as only 25% of the purchases go into the prize pool, while the rest goes into GabeN’s coffers. Many Dota 2 Battle Pass owners wanted a little bit extra, for example, 30 levels for the $30 million prize pool, or a little surprise gift.

However, Valve has not announced anything and they even took days just to acknowledge the crowd-funding achievement by the community. The official Dota 2 Twitter account hasn’t even said anything about the achievement, while Dota 2 updates just dropped this tweet days after the prize pool went over $30 million.

Keep in mind that Valve could still send out a thank you or a surprise gift later, but right now, it seems a little bit poor, considering they knew this was coming for weeks now. In the tweet above, user comments reflect my feelings quite well, as everyone though Valve would at least give a little bit more than just the 10 promised Dota 2 Battle Pass levels.

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Do you think Valve should give Dota 2 Battle Pass owners a little something extra for this mammoth, history-making crowdfunding achievement? Let us know in the comment section below.






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