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Dota 2 Battle Pass Tip – Trading Tips for Those Levels

While we are awaiting the release of the Immortal Treasure III, likely before The International 2019’s group stage kicks off on 15 August, we’ve got another Dota 2 Battle Pass tip to share with our readers so they can level up. Unless you open your wallet, it isn’t that easy to level up your Dota 2 Battle Pass. However, you can gain a few levels here and there using tip trading with other players.

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Some might argue that tips should only be given to those who do well in a game or to mock an opponent after getting a solo kill on them mid in the first five minutes of the game. However, using tips to level up your Dota 2 Battle Pass is really a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Each Dota 2 Battle Pass owner has access to 10 Battle Point tips per week and the amount you can tip is based on your Battle Pass level. Over level 500, you tip 100 Battle Points at a time, while level 1000 players tip 200 Battle Points at a time. If you have access to Dota Plus, you also get Shard tips after your initial 10 Battle Point tips have been depleted. Please don’t try to tip trade with Shards however, as people want those Battle Points.

Below, check out how you can effectively tip trade and some details on what you should and shouldn’t do in bullet point form.

  • The Dota 2 Battle Pass tips reset each Wednesday, so this is the best time to try and tip trade.
  • When a match starts, ask something like “anyone want to tip trade?” and see what happens.
  • Normally, someone will tip you back especially in Mo’rokai as everyone who plays it has a Battle Pass.
  • Don’t forget to tip them back and if two players tip you, wait for the 30 second tip cooldown and tip the other player back.
  • You can ask for specific players to tip trade if you like, for example, a level 1000 Battle Pass owner will tip you 200 Battle Points, while a low level will only tip you 25 Battle Points.
  • Don’t be stingy. If a low level tips you, tip them back even if you tip 200 and they only tip 25 because they made the effort to tip trade with you.
  • If players in your match don’t want to tip trade, leave them be, there’s no reason to fight over some Battle Points and it is completely up to them.

With tip trading, I’ve managed to get around 12 extra levels so far and I’ve found that in Mo’rokai matches, I can get a few people to tip trade every time. Just be respectful and ask politely and then everyone wins.

As part of our ongoing The International 2019 and Dota 2 Battle Pass coverage, we will provide you with an Immortal Treasure III opening featuring over 50 treasures once it gets released, as well as more tips in the coming weeks and all the Fantasy Challenge picks.

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Do you do tip trading for those levels and what Battle Pass addition are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our Immortal Treasure II opening if you haven’t already.

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