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Dota 2 Battle Pass Tip – Wait for Immortal Treasure III Before Opening Your Wallet

The International 2019’s prize pool shot over $31 million recently and at the time of writing, over $29 million has been built up through Dota 2 Battle Pass and related purchases. Dota 2 Battle Pass owners have clearly thrown millions upon millions into the prize pool by levelling up their Battle Pass. If you are close to a new reward or going for that 1000 level mark, or even the 2000 level mark, then maybe you should wait for Immortal Treasure III before opening your wallet.

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This is a general tip for those who want to level up their Battle Pass but can’t afford to purchase more levels right now or even those who just have a high level Battle Pass as to not waste money right now. There’s a very good reason for this, as looking at the history of Immortal Treasure III’s for the past few years, the treasure normally contains a 50 Battle Pass levels as a rare reward.

Each year since 2016, the Immortal Treasure III has featured 50 Battle Pass levels as a rare reward and although we don’t know the contents of this year’s treasure just yet, it is safe to predict that we will again see the 50 levels as a rare reward. With that in mind, you should wait until after the release of the treasure before throwing more money into your Dota 2 Battle Pass.

At the time of writing, Valve hasn’t revealed the release date of the Immortal Treasure III, but it can’t be long now. The reason behind this is that it wouldn’t be a good idea to release an update with a treasure while the group stages of The International 2019 takes place, which kicks off on 15 August. Therefore, expect the treasure to release in the next two weeks, or alternatively, between the group stages and the main event.

Valve is a little behind (to put it lightly) for treasure releases this year, but it has been over three weeks since the release of the second Immortal Treasure. Personally, I expect the Immortal Treasure III to release on a Friday (early saturday for South Africans) either on 2 August or 9 August 2019, with the latter date being more likely.

Even if you have a low level Battle Pass, you can get lucky and get that rare 50 levels reward on your first opening. For those who have 40 or 50 of these treasure ready to open, you could very well gain 200 levels or more from the treasure, which in turn means you get more treasures and more chances to level up without opening your wallet.

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Are you waiting for Immortal Treasure III before purchasing more Dota 2 Battle Pass levels? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our Immortal Treasure II opening video in case you haven’t already.

As part of our ongoing The International 2019 and Dota 2 Battle Pass coverage, we will provide you with an Immortal Treasure III opening featuring over 50 treasures once it gets released.

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