Recently, a bunch of Dota 2 crashes caused by cheaters have been experienced and it is very clear from the game’s subreddit that this is quite a big issue. The subreddit is filled with posts of how many Dota 2 crashes caused by cheaters have been experienced by some users in a row. Valve is trying to remedy the situation and has, so far, deployed two Dota 2 updates.

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The first Dota 2 update revolved around a detection system when cheaters try to cause crashes and if this system picks up this type of behaviour, an automatic report will be created. The second update pertains to the first one, addressing unit orders abuse. At the time of writing, people are still complaining about cheaters crashing their matches. Check out the notes for both the updates deployed by Valve below.

Update 1:

  • Implemented detection of someone trying to crash a server
  • If a user triggers the above, an automated report will be made by the server for further review

Update 2:

  • This patch correlated to patch from client version 3764. Mainly to address unit orders abuse. Now looks like they normalize the freeze attempt if you send too many unit orders from max unit orders that they declare.

Even with these updates, it seems like some Dota 2 crashes caused by cheaters are still happening. Hopefully, with the detection and report system in place, these players will be smacked down by the Valve banhammer soon. At the time of writing, it is unclear how much of an effect this is having on the South African servers.

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Have you experienced any Dota 2 crashes recently or ran into anyone who is trying to crash the server? Let us know in the comment section below.

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