Dota 2 Esports – Virtus.Pro Drops Out of the BTS Dota Summit Minor

With several Major wins under their belt, the Dota 2 esports organization Virtus.Pro decided to make some big changes to their roster heading into the new DPC season following their performance at The International 2019. As most Dota 2 esports fans know, the first tournament of the new DPC season, BTS Dota Summit Minor, takes place from 7 to 10 November and Virtus.Pro did manage to qualify for the tournament after crashing out of the MDL Chengu Major group stages. Now, it looks like the team won’t be making it to the first Minor either.

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The new Virtus.Pro roster will have their first LAN event soon in the ESL One Hamburg tournament (which isn’t part of the DPC season) as they need time to reach their full potential and also mentions Visas as a factor in their decision.

The General Manager of Virtus.Pro, Roman Dvoryankin, explains in a post that:

Minor qualifiers have revealed our roster’s potential. However, we need time to fully reach it, and additional pressure can only get in the way. Furthermore, problems with Visas were an additional factor, as missing the tournament due to ambiguous timings of our application reviews was a real possibility.


We have put a lot of effort into things we could change, but there are factors beyond our control. Having to miss the Summit is particularly unfortunate as we are three-time champions of this tournament. On the other hand, we believe that ESL Hamburg – considering the positive memories we have of this event – will be a great chance for the young players to experience a fully-fledged LAN series. We will decide the roster’s future based on its results.

At the time of writing, it is unclear which team will replace Virtus.Pro in the upcoming BTS Dota Summit Minor.

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Were you looking forward to seeing Virtus.Pro in the first tournament of the DPC season? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Dota 2 Esports – Virtus.Pro Drops Out of the BTS Dota Summit Minor
Gaming | PC | Dota 2 Esports – Virtus.Pro Drops Out of the BTS Dota Summit Minor






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