Dota 2 Immortal Treasure 3 Gets Unleashed by Valve
Immortal Treasure 3 Dota 2
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It has been a very long wait for Battle Pass owners but the Dota 2 Immortal Treasure 3 has finally been released and the contents are fantastic, to say the least. Valve surprised us this morning at roughly 07:30 by releasing the long-awaited treasure in an effort to “maximize overall region balance” while America sleeps.

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The Immortal Treasure 3 features six standard Immortals (with one Clinkz set) that look absolutely fantastic, with my personal favourite being Sladar’s First of the Flood item. We have the Clinkz, Axe, Terror Blade, Mars and Lycan getting some love. Then, as the first rare, we have 50 Battle Pass levels (told you!). The question remains, did we really need another Axe Immortal?

For the “Very Rare” item, we have a golden variant of the Axe item. When it comes to the “Ultra Rare”, Necrophos gets some love and then, of course, we have the “cosmically rare” emblem.

The Immortal Treasure 3 features escalating odds as per usual and you can also sacrifice four unwanted items or duplicates for another treasure and a Rylai’s Blessing spin for another chance to win some items and possibly some Battle Pass levels.

As part of our ongoing The International 2019 and Battle Pass coverage, we will be providing you with a treasure opening video tomorrow featuring over 40 treasures at Battle Pass level 839.

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What do you think about the contents of Immortal Treasure 3 and did you hang on to your wallets before purchasing more levels? Let us know in the comment section below.






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