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Dota 2 – Kid Invoker Persona Release Date Announced with Summer Scrub Initiative

It is very unlike Valve to drop updates quickly and even more unlike the developer to communicate and give release dates, but it is happening hard and fast. Valve released the Collector’s Cache Volume II over the weekend and they have also communicated the release date for the Kid Invoker Persona in a blog post talking about the Summer Scrub initiative.

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The Kid Invoker Persona will release for Battle Pass owners level 305 and up on 19 July 2019, this coming Friday, so it will probably release late that night or early Saturday for South Africans. It is one of those Battle Pass rewards I’ve been most excited about since the Battle Pass released and hopefully, it will be good. The Battle Pass rewards so far have been pretty good, with the Earthshaker Arcana being my personal favourite.

In the recent blog post announcing the release date for the Kid Invoker Persona, Valve also talked about their “Summer Scrub” initiative to focused on bug fixes that should help get the lanes in good shape before The International 2019 kicks off. The developer even asked the community for help in finding those pesky bugs.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33ff80″ class=”” size=”22″] The sun is shining, the creeps are marching, and it’s the perfect time to open up the proverbial windows and give the Dota world a healthy scrub. To that effect, we’ll be working on an update focused on bug fixes that should help get the lanes in good shape as we head into the final stretch before The International.


To assist in our efforts, we’d love the Dota community to put on your bug-hunting hats and sound off on any bugs you’ve encountered during your games. While we will be primarily looking for bug reports, we are also interested in adding some quality-of-life improvements, so if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to share. [/perfectpullquote]

This is a pretty great initiative from Valve and bug fixes should be deployed with the update this coming Friday featuring the Kid Invoker Persona.

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Are you excited for the Kid Invoker Persona and what level is your Battle Pass? Let usk now in the comment section. Check out our video as we open over 40 Immortal Treasure II’s if you haven’t already.

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