Dota 2: Matumbaman Finds a New Home and Will Compete in The TI Qualifiers
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Earlier this month, I reported on Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen no longer being with Team Liquid and at the time, becoming a free agent looking for a new home. Since then, Liquid announced their replacement for Matumbaman as Aliwi “w33” Omar and you can watch them playing at the Epicenter Major this week, as they already went 2-0 in the group stages. However, many fans, including myself, have wondered what Matumbaman is up to.

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For all the Matu fans out there, I am happy to report that he has found a new home at Chaos Esports Club (you might remember them as Digital Chaos back in the day) where he will be competing in The International 2019 qualifiers. After some restructuring, the team will be playing in the European region this year instead of North America, so watch out for those qualifier matches.

The CEO of Chaos Esports Club, Greg Laird, had this to say about Matumbaman joining their Dota 2 roster in an announcement post:

This time of the year is always chaotic and we are constantly in search of veteran talent to help guide and foster growth among the younger talent on our teams. Matumbaman is a rare example of such talent, bringing with him a world-class record of achievement and a wealth of experience. Welcome to the team, Lasse, we are lucky to have you. I am excited to watch you #CreateChaos.

It’s great to see Matumbaman find a new home so quickly and nearly any team would be lucky to have this awesome player. This news was brought to my attention by local player Fantasy_Man.

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What do you think about Matumbaman joining the Chaos Esports Club roster? Let us know in the comment section below.






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