Dota 2: OG Responds to Ceb’s Russian Outburst

Late last month, we reported on an incident involving OG’s Ceb, also known as Sébastien “7ckngMad” Debs. The player, for the lack of a better term, raged at some Russian players in a public match and it was pretty bad, with Virtus.Pro’s Alexei “Solo” Berezin even threatening to boycott the upcoming Epicenter Major because of it. Now, OG has responded to the Ceb incident and no, they didn’t spam Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!

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For three weeks now, The International 2018 champions, OG, have remained silent on the issue. Now, OG has broken that silence with a post on Facebook, explaining that they listened, read and understood what happened and looked at the different reactions and opinions. The goal of this was to act in the “fairest way possible”.

OG makes one thing perfectly clear and that is that they condemn all the offensive words Ceb used and that under no condition will violence or discrimination be tolerated at OG. The post explains that:

As soon as the situation arose, we exchanged with Sébastien who straight away stated that he wanted to take responsibilities for what he did, and that he would comply with any sanction that we deem fair. We therefore decided to meet after the ESL Birmingham to give him our final decision.
Seb is a public figure who is heard and followed, who can inspire but also mislead the people who respect him and listen to him. In that sense he has responsibilities, and with responsibilities come consequences when those are not undertaken.

Further, OG is actively working with Virtus.Pro and they are even trying to organize a show match at the Epicenter Major between the two teams. In the end, OG’s final decision on Ceb’s punishment is the following:

Seb will give up all the gains he might earn at the Epicenter Major to a charity of his choice that will be made public. In addition to that, we fined him the equivalent of his monthly salary. He also guarantees that such situation shall never occur again on pain of a stronger punishment.

Hopefully, something like this will never happen again as the last thing esports and the Dota 2 community needs is more of these types of incidents to occur.

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What do you think about OG’s response to the Ceb incident? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Dota 2: OG Responds to Ceb’s Russian Outburst
Gaming | PC | Dota 2: OG Responds to Ceb’s Russian Outburst






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