Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League Day 2 Tournament Wrap Up
Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League Day 1 Wrap Up
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The second day of WePlay!’s Pushka League kicked off with one Group B CIS face-off. Followed by two games of Group A Europe action. If you missed out on our coverage from day one, catch up on it here. Game One saw TSpirit never pressured by B8, with TSpirit’s “Immersion” putting in good performances in games ending in 29 and 32 minutes for a 2-0.

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However, while Tspirit’s effort was solid, it was more about doing what they needed to against a B8 team. The is still not quite finding its foot. The reincarnated Chicken Fighters team of Ninjas in Pyjamas faced off against a Team Liquid that’s also been underperforming.

While Liquid started well, NiP’s “Charlie” on the Troll Warlord with a 13/5/11 KDA and “Supream^” dishing out over 60k damage to Liquid’s heroes. Resulting in them securing the first game in almost 52 minutes. A Bristleback with last pick Lycan combo by NiP pretty much-dictated Game 2, giving them the sweep.

Alliance couldn’t control the lanes in Game One of their match against the world’s number one Team Secret. Resulting in them taking control of the map within the first 15 minutes and rolled to an easy win, and were never headed in Game Two to close it out.

The action continued from 1 pm today at the Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League with Hellraisers taking on the CIS FlyToMoon team, who replaced Gambit in the competition; Na’Vi should have an interesting time against B8, and Alliance will try and work out their Secret-inspired frustrations against a Liquid team struggling to get the win.

We will share our Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League Day 3 wrap up first thing tomorrow morning. Watch all the action live here.






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