Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League Day 3 Tournament Wrap Up

Dota 2 WePlay Pushka League Day 1 Wrap Up
Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League Day 3 Tournament Wrap Up

The third day of the Dota 2 WePlay! Pushka League featured the first appearance of FlyToMoon. FTM’s Game One Lycan strat was countered by a Troll Warlord that came online around 20 min and Hellraisers patient push didn’t make it much fun FTM from there in Game One.

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Game Two saw a much-improved performance from FTM with a Slark/Io combo putting more pressure on the Hellraisers team that built around their Morphling to eventually take it in just over 40 minutes. FTM did show some promise across both games. Especially in the early game phases, Hellraisers were better at their macro movements and gameplay, taking it 2-0.

Na’Vi and B8 then took centre stage, with both teams looking for their first win in the tournament. Dendi’s Pugna dished out over 50k in damage in Game One. However, it wasn’t enough to overcome an all-round Na’Vi performance with a Troll Warlord/Timbersaw combo taking the win in just over 49 minutes. Game Two was much more lopsided: 58 total assists on 26 kills highlighted a team performance as B8 were rolled in 32 minutes, only scoring 4 kills of their own. A confidence booster for Na’Vi, but problems for B8 – they have the talent to challenge other mid-to-higher tier teams, but it’s just not clicking.

The final match-up for the day saw Alliance take on their former selves, a Liquid team looking to bounce back from some poor form. This Liquid line up is made up of previous Alliance roster, who came over to fill the Nigma-sized void in the Liquid’s DOTA squad last September.

Things looked good in Game One with Liquid properly steam-rolling Alliance, forcing the GG in just under 22 minutes, but things reversed just as quickly in Game Two: 63 assists on 27 kills in 25 minutes shows just how quickly things snowballed. Game Three saw Nikobaby’s Abaddon pick put in a 15/1/5 KDA effort to guide Alliance to the clinching win in 33:10. A much-improved performance

The action continues from 1 pm Sunday with Nigma taking on Liquid, Virtus.Pro against FlyToMoon and the world number one Team Secret taking on OG.Seed.

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