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Dragon Age 4 Could Follow a Games as a Service Model According to Reports

Bioware teased Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards 2018 in December last year and as a fan of the Dragon Age titles, I couldn’t help but get hyped. The original Dragon Age was one of the best story-driven RPGs I’ve ever played. Dragon Age 4 could possibly be a next-gen title as reports suggest it will only release in 2021, which means it isn’t close to being finished yet. Unfortunately, according to reports, the game could follow a games as a service model and someone even described it as “Anthem with dragons”.

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Kotaku recently did a report on the history and current status of Dragon Age 4 talking to those close to the project and also noting that Bioware was working on an awesome-sounding Dragon Age game codenamed Joplin. However, Joplin was canned and the project name for the next Dragon Age title is now Morrison.

Here’s the kicker, some Bioware staff reportedly describes the game as “Anthem with dragons” and we all know how Anthem turned out…

The rebooted game under the codename “Morrison” will, according to the report, better fit with EA’s mandate to develop “games as a service” titles. Basically, games that they can make money off of for years to come. The game will now be built on Anthem’s codebase according to the report and (I hope you are sitting down) it will feature: “live service component, built for long-term gameplay and revenue”.

However, things aren’t all doom and gloom. Keep in mind that nothing official has been announced and also, that one source told Kotaku the main story would still be designed as a singleplayer experience. Therefore, the Games as a Service model will come in the multiplayer component for the game with post-release content.

Dragon Age 4 is still a long way off and things could very well change again. However, if this report is accurate, then fans of the original Dragon Age won’t be too happy at all.

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Check out the teaser in case you missed it and then tell us what you think about the idea of “Anthem with dragons” in the comment section below.

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