EA Games confirmed that Dragon Age 4 will make an appearance at The Game Awards this week. Best of all, the debut won’t be another “look at our studio and concept art” trailer. While we don’t know what EA has in store for us, hopefully, the game will debut with an actual CG or gameplay trailer and an actual title so we can stop calling it “Dragon Age 4” now.


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BioWare announced the news in a press release to celebrate Dragon Age Day. The announcement arrived with four new stories set in the game’s universe. EA says that the stories are written by members of the game’s narrative team and help “paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards”.

Group Editor of Tech Radar Middle East, Nick Dahlink asked The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley whether or not the “special look” at the next Dragon Age game will be a studio tour in which Geoff replied, “It’s not”.

This gives us some hope that the Dragon Age 4 showcase during The Game Awards this week may be something more than just a “talk” about the game. You can watch the awards live on 10 December at 4 pm PST/ or on 11 December at 2 am South African time. You can also visit the official Dragon Age 4 website and view the four short stories to get an idea of what is going to take place in the upcoming game.

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