Dragon Age 4 Won’t be Released Until 2021 – Possible Next-Gen Game
Dragon Age 4
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Dragon Age 4 is supposed to make its debut at The Game Awards this Friday after Bioware teased an announcement for “early December” last week but it seems that even if we get a reveal this week, we won’t be playing Dragon Age 4 until 2021 on our shiny new next-gen hardware.

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According to VentureBeat, sources close to Bioware claim that the game is still in very early development. The studio and EA have yet to decide what the name for the game will be. However, the name could be revealed at the awards this Friday.

Dragon Age 4, or whatever it is called, was put on the development rack a while back when Anthem’s production was put into full force. However, Bioware is now actively working on the game with both the Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect team.

If the game is announced this Friday at The Game Awards then we will not get our hands on it until 2021. This also means that we will no doubt be in the next-generation of consoles and gaming hardware and Dragon Age 4 will be a next-gen game. However, it could also release as cross-gen similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition that released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC but also PS3 and Xbox 360. Regardless of when we will be playing it, it is still pretty exciting to know that the game may be announced soon.






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