Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Gameplay Release Date

Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Gets First Gameplay and Release Date

Square Enix revealed the first gameplay for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake at the recent Nintendo Direct event along with a confirmed release date of 14 November 2024. Additionally, Square Enix also revealed that it’s currently working on HD-2D remakes of the first two Dragon Quest games scheduled to arrive sometime in 2025.

The gameplay reveal for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake revealed what many early reports confirmed, adopting the same gameplay style and art seen in Octopath Traveler. The visuals are quite striking, blending pixelated character sprites with gorgeous 3D environments. The good news is that Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year, though we’re waiting to find out if it’s also confirmed for other platforms.

The official synopsis reads:

“In this latest visual iteration of DRAGON QUEST III, long-time fans and newcomers will be invited to experience this HD-2D version of DRAGON QUEST III that provides a unique three-dimensional feel by adding 3D effects to pixel-based backgrounds. DRAGON QUEST III HD-2D Remake is planned for release on console.”

With a release date only a few months away, Dragon Quest fans, especially those who grew up playing the classic titles, can look forward to a lot of nostalgic goodness when it launches on 14 November 2024. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Source: Nintendo

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