Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

The upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is expected to arrive in December. New gameplay details for the RPG have just landed alongside a selection of new screenshots.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince follows the tale of the Dark Prince, Psaro, who is cursed by his own father who happens to also be the king of the monster realm called Nadira. The curse essentially prevents Psaro from inflicting harm on any monster.

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As a result of the curse, Psaro decides that if he can’t harm monsters himself, he will collect other monsters to do his bidding for him. In turn, Psaro hopes to collect and train monsters which will help him seek revenge and ultimately take down his father.

Square Enix says that Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince features a fully-voiced campaign. Psaro is voiced by Gwimlym Lee and his Elven companion, Rose, is voiced by Emma Ballantine.

Psaro also meets a young researcher named Toilen Trubble who is voiced by Hyoie O’Grady. Toilen helps Psaro and Rose search for magical ingredients that can’t only be found in the monster realm.

Lastly, Fizzy, voiced by Harriet Carmichael is a cute monster companion who takes on Psaro as a mentor to teach him the ways of monster wrangling.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince features various locations to explore across the monster realm, Nadira. These areas known as Circles are home to different monsters and each location also changes its season and style throughout the game. As a result, new monsters appear in the world opening up new gameplay mechanics.

Square Enix says there are over 500 monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince to collect. Some monsters are created using items synthesized in the game. While others will join Psaro after he defeats them in combat.

The game’s online multiplayer feature allows players to fight other monster wranglers from across the world.

Square Enix has also detailed the DLC offerings available in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince at launch. Three packs will be released. The Mole Hole includes cosmetic items as well as some monsters you can synthesize.

Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym also includes some Cake-Maker’s Costumes and randomly generated dungeons where players can fight powerful monsters.

Lastly, Treasure Trunks includes the Monstrous Mail costumes and adds treasure chests across the game which contain unique items. You can collect these chests multiple times but they all have set cooldowns.

You can check out the full image gallery below for new screenshots. It also includes some images from the planned DLC.


Source: Nintendo

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  • Nikki_boagreis 15 July 2023

    The game look’s amazing, i just hate that it only has one save slot. Apparently the developers have never experienced a corrupt save, i usually make multiple save files just in case something happens.

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