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Dragon Quest Treasures Gameplay Detailed as Pre-Orders Go Live

Dragon Quest Treasures is set to launch on 9 December and Square Enix has detailed the first batch of gameplay for the upcoming RPG/treasure tracker. The game is releasing on Nintendo Switch and follows siblings Erik and Mia as they explore a new continent called Draconia. The two characters both share their love for sweet loot and Dragon Quest Treasures is basically all about treasure hunting and gathering this loot as you explore these new lands.

Draconia is a land made up of two ancient dragon bodies. These two once-golden dragons are now skeletons and the remains make up scattered islands across the sky. Seven legendary Dragonstones are said to be scattered across Draconia and form the basis of the game’s story. The main goal in Dragon Quest Treasures is to venture away from your base and travel to the five islands to find these Dragonstones.

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Luckily, these Dragonstones aren’t the only precious loot in the game. In fact, the islands are scattered with treasures and other collectables to pick up. These treasures range from well, “treasures” to “bric-a-brac” and even rarer objects considered “iconic”. Each rarity tier describes how tough these treasures are to get your hands on. Each treasure also has a certain “Valuation” that rates the object’s price depending on its rarity.

Dragon Quest Treasures

The general rinse and repeat of Dragon Quest Treasures see players set off on an expedition by choosing the island they wish to explore. Each island has a certain “Treasure Forecast” that changes from time to time. This forecast also ties into the current survivability of your party. The higher the forecast, the better the treasure and the higher the chances are of you getting out alive.

Dragon Quest Treasures

Your team of monsters will all have certain perks that provide insight into the surroundings on the island and where the treasure can be found. In short, these monsters can detect treasure. The Fortune Finder ability, only available to Erik and Mia then provides players with visions of a rare treasure. However, these visions come in the form of the ability to see through the eyes of an enemy. You’ll need to piece together the surroundings to try and track down where this enemy is.

You’ll then return home with all your findings to gain gold based on the rarity of your treasure. You can sort your treasures by discarding junk and low-tier versions of the same item you already have.

Dragon Quest Treasures

There’s a lot more to Dragon Quest Treasures that Square Enix hasn’t shared yet. We’ll hear more about the game closer to the launch. In the meantime, you can pre-order the game starting today and unlock the following items:

  • 5 Chimaera Wings – Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure
  • 15 Better Buddy Bullets – Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang
  • 5 Fullheal Pellets – Fully restores the HP of a single ally

Dragon Quest Treasures is set to launch on 9 December 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: SE Blog

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