Sony Pulls Super Mario Content From Dreams After Nintendo Complaint

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Sony Pulls Super Mario Content From Dreams After Nintendo Complaint

Sony has pulled a popular Super Mario character model from Dreams after a complaint from Nintendo. Dreams creator PieceOfCraft took to Twitter to reveal that his “Mario-based” Dreams 3D model was on hold after Sony pulled the creation offline.

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PieceOfCraft claimed that they received an email from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe that stated Nintendo had objected to their use of the Super Mario intellectual property in Dreams. The email was sent from Sony themselves rather than Media Molecule, the creators of the game.

The creation was then banned from editing meaning the creator could no longer enter his creation and change anything. Other players could then no longer find the creation using the in-game search function either.

This move from Nintendo comes as no surprise as the company usually takes a firm stance against its intellectual property. Nintendo often issues take-down notices against people using IP-related content and it was just a matter of time before the company went after Dreams.

The user-created video game packed with Nintendo-related games, especially Mario content. SilverDragon-x created an awesome Super Mario Infinity demo which is a playable level with great music and Mario controls. You can watch it down below.

Super Mario 64 HD which is a work-in-progress remake of the Nintendo 64 game is also still available on the servers. It remains to be seen when these will be pulled offline. Nintendo will no doubt start clamping down on this user-created content over the next few weeks. Let’s hope Dreams is not a wasteland after all these take-downs are issued.

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