There’s no doubt that DStv has been suffering to stay relevant in the age of fast internet and an oversaturated streaming market. However, the company claims to have plans to fix this by embracing the world of streaming and 4K. DStv plans on including international streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime in future DStv Premium subscriptions. With that being said, unlike ShowMax which is free to DStv Premium subscriptions, the international platforms may not be.

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DStv may offer a discounted rate to add the service to your current subscription. However, this is unclear at this time. DStv CEO Calvo Mawela told News24 that this is part of the broadcaster’s plan to become a “super aggregator” of content. It makes sense as the platform will house DStv content, alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime, and ShowMax.

But does the company have the hardware for it? We know Multichoice is working on a “dish-less” service for households. This means no set-top box and no ugly satellite dish sticking out of the side of your house. Instead, an app will be used across the board for all channels and services. This app will most likely replace the DStv Now service and will downloadable on Android TVs and Apple TV.

Furthermore, Multichoice is also reportedly working on a DStv 4K Explora set-top box which is said to bring 4K HDR support to customers. This box may also include the ability to add Netflix and Amazon Prime as an optional app. I am just saying, it is logical. DStv still streams in 480p and its HD channels at 720p. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has already moved on to 4K.

Whatever the company is planning, let’s hope they get to it soon. Over 100,000 subscribers are leaving the service every year due to the growing demand for better content at higher resolutions. Not to mention that a DStv Premium subscription costs R1000. Many subscribers stay around due to sports offerings. In addition, DStv is the only service that offers a plethora of locally-produces content. Something not available on Netflix and elsewhere. Sure, the streaming service has seen two locally-produced shows in the past year but they have been mediocre, to say the least.

We don’t know when this Netflix and Amazon Prime rollout will take place. It could arrive with the dish-less service, or it could release alongside the 4K Explora? All we know, for now, is that it is happening.

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