DualSense Controller Feedback Will Let Players Feel In-Game Weather

PS5 DualSense Controller NextGen
DualSense Controller Feedback Will Let Players Feel In-Game Weather

The PS5 DualSense might change the landscape for gaming accessories. In a new podcast, developer Mike Bithell shared some information on how the controller uses haptic feedback to let the player feel specific things. In addition, he says players are going to love it. One example Mike gave was the ability to feel raindrops in-game through the PlayStation DualSense controller haptic feedback.

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While he did not go into detail, we can just imagine holding the controller and feeling little pitter-patter drops nudging the controller as we walk through the rain in a video game.

Mike also touched on the 3D audio technology Sony is using on the PS5. According to Bithell, it outdoes all current video game engines and allows for new frontiers in audio processing. For example, the engine is capable of assigning a sound effect for every individual raindrop. This then feeds into the haptic feedback as you will feel the weather moving in your hands.

While Sony has t to share any specifics about the DualSense controller, we cannot wait to see and feel it in action. Rumours claim Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5 fully in early June 2020. However, we have heard this same story for months now. All we can do it hope that we get to see the PlayStation 5 and controller in action soon. Sony hosted a stream back in March 2020 where the company highlighted the console’s inner-workings and specs. However, we have not seen or heard anything since.

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