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Dune: Part Two Gets First Sandworm Riding Trailer

The first glimpse of Dune: Part Two has arrived. Warner Bros. dropped the first official trailer for the upcoming film which is set to be bigger and better than the 2021 release. The trailer shows off some familiar faces including the lead, Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides. He’s seen riding a sandworm to win the respect of the Fremen. There’s also our first look at the new villain from House Harkonnen.

If you have watched the first film or perhaps read one of many of Frank Herbert’s novels, you’ll know that Dune is set in the distant future and follows the story of different houses that make up an interstellar society. The story mostly takes place on the planet Arrakis which is rich in a material known as melange (also known as the spice).

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In short, it follows Timothee Chalamet’s, Paul Atreides character as he follows a prophecy to gather an army, fight the rival House Harkonnen and defeat Shaddam IV, the Emperor of the Known Universe.

Dune: Part One was an unexpected hit. It launched during the covid-19 pandemic and was one of the many films which released both at cinema and on HBO Max. Despite the split launch, the film grossed $400 million globally and went on to get nominated for 10 Oscars. It won six of these.

Warner Bros. ended up greenlighting the sequel after many thought the film would be a flop due to the covid-19 pandemic preventing cinemas from filling up seats. Dune: Part 2 will release on 3 November exclusively in cinemas this time. Check out the trailer below:

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