Dying is Easy Comic Book

Dying is Easy… Comedy is hard – a Detective Comic Book Review

Every so often, I’ll find myself going through phases. Sometimes, it’s a fantasy phase, and I’ll spend a few weeks re-watching all The Lord of the Rings movies. Sometimes, it’s an uncontrollable (and frankly unforgivable) urge to do nothing but play League of Legends. This month, it’s a “detective” phase. From binging crime shows and re-playing point-and-click mystery games to find all the lost left socks in my house – this is definitely the month for murders, mysteries, and detectives. This brings me to one of my absolute favourite comic-book finds of the month, something that managed to scratch all the itches I had – Dying is Easy.


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Created and written by Joe Hill (Locke & Key; The Cape; Basketful of Heads) and with art by Martin Simmonds (Punks Not Dead; Friendo; The Department of Truth), Dying is Easy is a bad-mouthed, fast-paced, detective story about Syd “Shit-Talk” Homes, a struggling stand-up comic and a disgraced ex-cop, who finds himself on the run for a murder he didn’t commit, his only chance of freedom is to catch the real murderer before being caught himself.

Dying is Easy is everything I look for and want from a detective story; it’s dark, witty, intriguing, and has enough clues littered throughout that you can try and solve the case for yourself if you want. It’s also filled to the absolute brim with just the worst dad/cop humour imaginable. It’s amazing.

Dying is Easy Comic Book

As a huge Joe Hill fan, I went into this with pretty high expectations and was not disappointed.

Thanks to an art style that’s so refreshingly different, everything in the comic feels dark and grimy, and thanks to the writing, you have a lead character that’s as unlikeable as he is funny, but who also grows on you, and who you’ll find yourself silently rooting for, against your better judgment, before the story is over.

All in all, Dying is Easy is the perfect read for a cold, miserable night when all you want to do is lie in bed and lose yourself in another world for a couple of hours.

Want to pick up Dying is Easy for yourself? The entire series is currently available in the following formats: Digital, Single Issues (5 Issues), or as a single standard size Hardcover.

Those interested in grabbing a few issues can head over to Critters and Comics – You can also get a 20% discount on your next comic book purchase (including variants, TPs, and Hardcovers) over R250 by using the code “GlitchedComic20” at checkout… also, the code can be used more than once… just saying 😉


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