Dying Light 2 Developer Update Announced For 17 March But Don’t Expect a Release Date
"We will see more Dying Light 2 this week"
Dying Light 2 Release Date Techland Microsoft
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Techland will share a development update on Dying Light 2 this week. The developer announced a special stream on social media with a short teaser clip showing off a zombie in the dark.

For those who don’t know, Dying Light 2 has reportedly entered development hell. This being after reports of the studio’s mismanagement and toxic workplace environment surfaced online. However, Techland wants to address the rumours in the upcoming stream.


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According to Techland Community Manager Uncy, the Dying Light 2 development update this week won’t include a release date. Instead, the studio will most likely show off some new gameplay to prove that the game is still alive and kicking. This is to address recent rumours of its cancellation.

In a discord chat, Uncy said:

Honestly, to keep the expectations in tact i can say already that there won’t be a release date announcement, but there will be more than simple “the development is going smoothly”

its a dev update after allyou as the community will have a better understanding of what’s going on and hopefully, it will make the wait a little bit easier and look at this from the bright side there wont be any delay announcements either also saw some people that are worried we might announce canceling the game, wont happen either.

While many have hoped to see a release date for Dying Light 2, it won’t happen this week. However, it will be nice to see the game again after its absence since August 2019. You can tune into the stream on Wednesday 17 March 2021. Find out more on the Discord server here.


Techland Devs Allege Autocratic Management and Toxic Work Culture Disrupting Dying Light 2 Development






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