Dying Light 2 All Hallow's Eve Event

Dying Light 2 Gets All Hallow’s Eve Halloween Event

Dying Light 2 is celebrating its first Halloween on the market with a special event. The game’s All Hallow’s Eve event kicked off last night and will run up until 4 November. The event comes with its own seasonal quests, rewards, free cosmetics, global community goals and more.

The All Hallow’s Eve event sees players meet agent Baka The Unfortunate for the first time. The event brings with it a new currency and a new gameplay mechanic that revolves around mixing potions that produce unique effects for the player. One example of this is concocting a potion-like inhaler that once consumed, gives the player a massive jumping ability.

There are also new enemies to fight off in this Dying Light 2 Hallow’s Eve event called Pumpkintiles. They are basically Volatiles with pumpkin heads on them. Somehow the pumpkin heads make them look even more scarier than before.

The main cosmetic item to obtain during this event is called the Dying Laugh bundle that will release on 3 November. It is a cool clown costume that comes with a full outfit. Check out the trailer below:

Something sinister is brewing. Infected throughout the City have gotten their foul hands on the Treats. Use any trick up your sleeve to fight them back for the new currency. Delve into the horrors of the night for new bounties and try some unpredictable potions at your own risk. Meet Baka the Unfortunate at the Bazaar, take on co-op-based bounties, fight off Pumpkintiles, pick up Treats and trade them for exclusive items. Complete TechlandGG Goals and track your progress through techlandgg.com. The spooky nightmares wish to stay, but it will be up to you to cast them out.

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