Dying Light 2 Gets First Set of Free DLC Drops This Week

"Get your free DLC on this week"

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Dying Light 2 Gets First Set of Free DLC Drops This Week

Dying Light 2 players can now download the first batch of free DLC in the game. Techland plans on releasing three free cosmetic packs over the next week themed around the Peacekeepers. The Dying Light 2 DLC is called the Authority Pack and is free across all platforms.

The first pack went live on 14 February and included a jacket, cargo pants and high tops. The other pack is planned to release on 16 February and will include a set of gauntlets, a windbreaker and leather guards.

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The last pack is probably the one you’re excited to get your hands on, Authority Pack 3 includes the two-handed Authority Hammer which is a beastly two-handed weapon you can use to smash your enemies into pudding. This pack is releasing on 18 February.

Techland has also teased what is to come from the next DLC too. The second free Dying Light 2 DLC is called the Ronin Pack and will see players leap around the game dressed as a samurai. The DLC pack will also come with a unique sword. Techland has not announced a release date for this pack yet. The studio hasn’t revealed whether or not it will be a timed rollout of content similar to the Authority Pack.

This is just the first of many DLC drops coming to Dying Light 2 in the future. Techland has promised at least 5 years of content for the game. This year alone, players can look forward to a new set of challenges in March, mutated infected events in April and the first paid Dying Light 2 story DLC releasing in June. Of course, things might get delayed so don’t bank on these dates yet.

Check out the trailer for the Dying Light 2 Authority Pack below.

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