Dying Light 2 Gets Free Ronin DLC Pack This Week

"Another free DLC pack is here"

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Dying Light 2 Gets Free Ronin DLC Pack This Week

After giving away an entire DLC outfit last week for Dying Light 2, Techland has followed up with a whole new outfit this week too. The Dying Light 2 Ronin Outfit DLC is now live across all platforms and comes in three parts. The first part, which is available now, includes a jacket, pants and shoes.

The second part will be released sometime later today and comes with a mask, light guards and gloves. The final part in the Dying Light 2 Ronin DLC will then release on 25 February and include a unique Katana. Once released, players can combine all parts together to wear the entire samurai outfit.

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Techland hasn’t made any of this DLC timed so you can grab it whenever you want. Even if you don’t own the game yet, you can download it when you do. The same goes for the recently-released Authority DLC pack that was released last week. The three-part outfit pack is now available for all players.

Check out the Dying Light 2 Ronin DLC pack trailer below.

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Source: Techland

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