Dying Light 2 Gets New Story Content and Photo Mode Today

"More bug fixes coming too"

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Dying Light 2 Gets New Story Content and Photo Mode Today

Dying Light 2 is set to get a major new game update today that will finally kick off its delayed post-release story content. In addition, the game is also getting its Photo mode and some bug fixes are also headed our way.

The main feature of the Dying Light 2 update 1.4.0 is the addition of the first new story content. The content is called In The Footsteps of a Nightrunner and will task players with assisting Harper, a former Nightrunner as he seeks to fight off new Special Infected that are terrorizing Villedor.

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Completing new missions for Harper will raise the player’s reputation and in turn, unlock new weapons, outfits and consumables. There’s also a new currency added to the game that can be looted from these new infected that players can use to purchase rewards from Harper. The new infected come in a range of breeds including the Mutated, Volatile Tyrant and Volatile Hive.

Outside of the new story content, Dying Light 2 is also getting its Photo Mode. Players will be able to launch the Photo Mode in most situations across the game while playing in single-player. However, the mode can’t be used in certain situations pertaining to parkour chases. The Photo Mode allows players to snap all sorts of photos in-game using different zooms, filters, rolls and more. There’s also a range of special effects that will give your shots cool cinematic-like appearances.

The update also aims to fix bugs across the game. In addition, Techland is addressing the co-op issues that are still plaguing the game today. The update also promises to improve performance on both PlayStation and PC. Another issue which has been in the game since its launch in December.

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