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Dying Light 2 Looks Incredible in New 4K RTX Trailer

Every now and then a game comes along that makes all that money you invested in your PC hardware worth it. Those of you looking forward to Dying Light 2 on PC are going to be blown away at how incredible the game looks thanks to its 4K support and raytracing pipeline. Techland released a new trailer showcasing all the enhanced features that come with Dying Light 2 and RTX support.

The trailer touches on the game’s lighting rendering pipeline that not only drastically changes the way the sun reacts to the game world but shadows, dark rooms, reflections and textures are all enhanced thanks to this 4K RTX support.


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Techland has clearly put a lot of effort into mastering the raytracing features in Dying Light 2 specific to the reflections. The trailer shows off how building windows will reflect the world around the player while also remaining dirt-stained and damaged. Water puddles are also an accurate representation of the world around you shimmering in the light while reflecting the creatures that walk through them.

Dying Light 2 RTX

Dying Light 2 also uses a custom global illumination system that enables light to bounce around the world so shadows aren’t completely black but rather represent a real-world scenario. The global illumination also helps bounce light into rooms so you get an accurate visual representation of how light travels from one point to another.

Techland also says that Dying Light 2 will feature NVIDIA DLSS support to increase the performance of the game while enhancing all the features. Check out the Dying Light 2 RTX trailer down below

Techland also revealed a brand-new gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 during the Xbox Gamescom showcase last night. The trailer touches on the game’s store while also showcasing some of the human combat players will encounter. The trailer also reveals Xbox gameplay for the first time and the game looks pretty fantastic. Take a look at the Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer down below.

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