Dying Light 2 PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay Comparison Showcased

"Not looking too bad"

Dying Light 2 PS4 Xbox One Gameplay
Dying Light 2 PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay Comparison Showcased

While Techland hasn’t been shy about showing us Dying Light 2 gameplay, the developer hasn’t really told us what platforms the gameplay comes from. We have just taken for granted that everything up to this point has come off a gaming PC. Thankfully, Techland has finally lifted the lid off some Dying Light 2 gameplay taken from PS4, PS5, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

In the latest gameplay comparison trailer, we get a glimpse of the game running on the base PS4 console, Xbox One X and the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you’re using a PS4 or Xbox One, Dying Light 2 doesn’t look bad at all. The world looks vibrant and detailed and even the draw distance is clear and visible.

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While it is still too early to confirm what resolution and rendering techniques Techland are using on the base PS4 and Xbox One X, the game looks a lot better than I feared. As for the Xbox Series X and PS5, we can see that Dying Light 2 runs at 60FPS on these consoles. We don’t know yet what resolution players can expect to see but running the game at 60FPS will definitely help when it comes to the fast-paced parkour and combat.

As for PC, we know that Techland didn’t hold back on the RTX enhancements and PC-specific features. We recently covered an in-depth look at the game running on a high-end RTX PC. You can read about all the features here. Also, make sure to check out the Dying Light 2 PC system requirements here as well as details on the game’s lack of crossplay here.

Take a look at the Dying Light 2 gameplay running on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X below. The game launches on 4 February 2022.

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