Dying Light 2 Reveals Multiple Graphics Modes For PS5

"Raytracing, Performance and Resolution"

Dying Light 2 Skill Tree
Dying Light 2 Reveals Multiple Graphics Modes For PS5

Techland has showcased the three graphics modes players can choose when playing Dying Light 2 on PS5. The developer shared that Dying Light 2 includes rendering modes for players who want raytracing, 4K resolution and even a 60FPS+ mode.

Of course, how you play Dying Light 2 is all up to you. I would stick to raytracing for a bit and swap between that and the performance 60FPS+ mode. Dying Light 2 probably feels pretty great at 60FPS and above. By the sound of things, the frame rate is uncapped meaning those with a 4K120Hz TV or 120Hz display can benefit from the frame rate exceeding 60FPS.

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Techland didn’t share any details on the exact number players can expect to see in these Dying Light 2 graphics modes. It will be interesting to see what the Quality Mode with raytracing does to the resolution and frame rate. That and at what resolution the Performance Mode runs at.

You can expect more in-depth details on these modes around launch as media test them out and reveal the technical side to the game. Regardless, Dying Light 2 is looking great on PS5 and should be pure eye candy as you explore the game that apparently takes around 500 hours to fully complete. 

Dying Light 2 releases on 4 February for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the graphics trailer below.

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