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Dying Light 2 Roadmap Detailed in First Anniversary Celebration

Dying Light 2 is officially one year old this week. It has been a year since we jumped into a rather nasty and buggy game but Techland has done a great job polishing up the horror since its launch last year. As the studio looks forward to the future, Techland still has a lot in store for players new and old. First off, you can already purchase and download the game’s first major DLC, Bloody Ties. However, there is more content planned.

Techland says the developers are working hard to further improve the experience in Dying Light 2. A big priority for the studio is to change the game’s ragdoll and body physics system. Due to player feedback, Techland will make combat feel slightly more weighty. In addition, the nighttime experience will get tougher. Techland says venturing around at night in Dying Light 2 will soon be even more of a nightmare.

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The studio wasn’t clear what they meant but by the sound of things, enemies will get deadlier and Volatiles will get a buff. Be this with either damage or increased health.

The parkour system in Dying Light 2 will also get some work. Techland is revamping the core mechanics to make things feel fresh and more fluid.

Lastly, there is more DLC coming to the game. Techland says the next major story DLC might have players running into past characters from the first game. However, no further details were shared on this content.

As we enter year 2 of Dying Light 2, the future definitely looks exciting. Techland originally announced it planned to support the game for four years. Even though the studio spent an entire year fixing bugs, at least we’re getting somewhere.

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