EA Access For PS4 Spotted on the PlayStation Store

While EA Access was a bit lackluster when it was first released way back in 2014, it is now one great subscription service that offers free games, trials and even early access to upcoming EA titles before they release.

Both the Xbox One and PC (via Origin Access) currently offer EA Access but up to now, Sony has not been on board with this at all. It seems that this could all be changing as EA Access for PS4 has been spotted on the PlayStation Store in Brazil.

The leak was spotted over on Reddit where a user posted a photo of the PlayStation Store page with the EA Access block showing face quite unexpectedly. The user claimed to have received the photo from another PS4 owner so he could not click on the block to see what happened.

EA Access For PS4

Keep in mind that this could also be quite fake too so you never know. EA Access was originally pitched to Sony back in 2013 where the console giant refused to implement it into the ecosystem. The Netflix-like service sees you pay for a monthly subscription while getting access to a lot of EA’s sports games as well as a few others.

If EA Access is indeed coming to PS4, it would bridge the gap when it comes to EA’s new releases which have been releasing everywhere else much earlier thanks to the early access and leaving PS4 gamers to catch up.

Would you pay for EA Access for PS4? Let us know down below.

Gaming | PlayStation | EA Access For PS4 Spotted on the PlayStation Store
Gaming | PlayStation | EA Access For PS4 Spotted on the PlayStation Store






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