EA Access on PS4 Costs The Same as Xbox One in South Africa to Much Surprise
PS4 EA Access
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We all know in South Africa we have some major pricing wars going on between PS4 and Xbox One. Many games and services that land on both consoles often have a staggering pricing difference on the Xbox compared to the PS4 which comes out often at double the price. To much surprise, PS4 EA Access costs the same as Xbox One EA Access (insert shocked emoji here).

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Why is this shocking you may ask? Well, the pricing plans for EA Access are already outdated by a couple of years. According to the EA Access site, the Xbox One and PS4 subscriptions should cost $4,99 and $29,99 per month and per year accordingly.

EA Access

When directly converted to the current exchange rate without adding tax and VAT we are already way over the asking price of the subscriptions (I am not complaining)

The point is, for a new subscription plan to land on PS4 in 2019 when the original service launched on Xbox One in 2014, the pricing has not changed since which is a good thing. Often gamers on PS4 get shafted with high pre-order prices and expensive games but EA has done well this time around.

Clearly, South Africans are benefiting from EA using the same price point as the Xbox One service which finally shows some fairness across the platforms.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbg2RPi3eak”]

But it is not all fun and games, yesterday we reported that the service on the Xbox One has a lot more offerings than the PS4 mainly due to the lack of backwards compatibility. The console has almost double the number of games on the service due to having the ability to add some great Xbox 360 titles into the Games Vault. There is nothing we can do about though as Sony’s PS4 just does not have the feature.

So at least if you are subbing to EA Access, you won’t be paying more for less which many gamers suspected would be the case. The pricing is fair and a nice change over the usual price hikes on the platform.






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